Green Air Cleaner

Green Air Cleaner


Several types of air purifiers are known, however, all known devices are primarily intended for operation in a confined space.
The technical problem that is solved by the invention is: how to construct an air purifier that is used in open space, at large intersections and in all places and spaces where air pollution is present and purification is necessary.
The invention also solves the technical problem of how to construct an air purifier without idling, in which the supply of purification air is constant and without any interruption of the flow of purified air.

The invention relates to an air purifier, which is intended primarily for use in open space where there are large sources of air pollution. In large cities along the boulevard, where there is a high intensity of traffic and as a result high air pollution, near industrial zones, airports, etc. ve higher capacity air purifier is installed below the ground. noise during device operation.

Only the drain and supply pipes are arranged at a certain distance and in a certain arc around the device so that it can be placed across the device at a certain distance throughout the city.
Depending on the need and place of use, the air purifier can be of different sizes and different capacities and a combination of different types of filtration.
Also, depending on the place of use, the air purifier can be placed on a flat surface, for example, if the air purifier is used to purify the air in the house, it is placed outside the building, e.g. in the boiler room or in some other facility.
The air purifier can also be used for larger buildings, such as schools, hospitals, residential and commercial buildings, and can also be used in agriculture in greenhouses and hothouses for growing vegetables and flowers and in large factory halls and closed farms. Depending on where the device is placed, the types of air filtration are also selected.


The procedure is as follows: by pushing the air inside the device using hydraulics we get a certain pressure at the outlet of the device, which pushes the polluted air through specially selected types of filters but also serves to deliver purified air through the pipe system to a certain distance in the desired rooms.
For example, for home installation, the device connects to a network of distributed pipes in the living space and delivers clean air to each room.

Also, connecting to a cooling system in the summer (or a heating system in the winter) provides an idyllic microclimate for living in such an environment.
When it comes to application in a polluted environment in an open space, in urban areas.
The devices are installed in precisely defined places (below the surface of the earth) where direct sources of pollution, for example due to the high intensity of traffic, are at a certain distance, if necessary, that number can reach several hundred.
In this way, traffic pollution is filtered and contributes to reducing the level of pollution in that environment.



In the open space near the source of flooding, where there is a high intensity of traffic, industrial zones, airports.
For better indoor air quality in residential buildings in business premises, shopping malls, factory premises, public institutions (hospitals, schools, etc...).


Greenhouses, hothouses. Due to the frequency of sudden temperature fluctuations and general climate change, many producers are opting for this type of food or plant cultivation due to higher yields.
The fact is that the quality of plant cultivation depends on several factors. In order to be healthy and suitable for use, it is necessary to provide certain types of minerals as well as irrigation, but in order to complete the process of a healthy product, it is necessary to provide quality air to greenhouses.

On closed farms, it is very important to have a continuous process of purifying the indoor air.

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